Delhi Traffic Police promoting crime on Facebook

Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) has taken a giant lead in using social media and promoting breach of law through it. Either we are too naive or Motor Vehicle Act is too complex for us to understand.

Offence: Using Mobile Phone while Driving
Section: 184 Motor Vehicle Act
Fine: Rs. 1000

Just look at the Delhi police’s statements:


Both these images were taken by people commuting in the vehicles coming from behind. And in most probabilities, it was the driver who shot. These Facebook cops are using mobile phone cameras while driving. If the section 184 is used in spirit all the click happy drivers on Facebook should be paying Rs 1000 /-.

We know a lot of legal luminaries and sceptics will say the images are not taken by drivers but someone else in the car. But they should know smart cropping saves many of them and still we can safely bank on the dumbness of people in Delhi. Some foolhardy drivers are posting images showing their dashboards from the wrong side (of the law) and steering wheel. Here is an example for you:

Look at this smart chap proving team TOS’s point on the FB.

Team TOS appeals to the DTP to do some pragmatic thinking and buy some cameras instead of depending on citizens who are risking their life and causing chaos to get a ‘thanks’ from you.

It’s a dangerous game – please stop it – and has all the potential to embarrass you.

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4 Responses to Delhi Traffic Police promoting crime on Facebook

  1. Well I like the Heading “Delhi Traffic Police promoting crime on Facebook”. While in one of the pics posted here DTP asked “who has clicked the Pic?”. On a numerous occasions DTP and other members have suggested that Drivers should refrain from using camera. I guess this can be termed as “Promoting Crime” by blaming people who might or might not be committing the crime. In Bargain save the people who actually committing the crime. I guess we should be more sensible while making the statements.

  2. I would say people should be encouraged to report if they see a crime being committed. In fact what they are doing on FB is reporting only neither they are enforcers nor keepers.

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